You probably didn't recognize the name, Don Reeve. The label, Crash Landing didn't ring any bells either. So you put the record on a shelf somewhere or in the "to listen to eventually" pile. Well if you're looking for something a bit out of the norm something with a warm soothing feel, then pull out Spirit Wild and give it a listen. Based out of Tucson, guitarist Don Reeve has performed with Neon Prophet a local Caribbean dance band; an Indian ensemble, Fine Stream Gamelan, Sruti and the Jones Brothers, a group that performs music ranging from easy listening to folk to bluegrass to rock. On Spirit Wild Reeve combines his new age/jazz style with Eastern influences for a calm, pleasing sound. As the artist says, "I want my music to be uplifting and take listeners on a transcendent kind of journey. It's something you don't find in mainstream music. It's like little journeys, little musical trips. If you listen with a relaxed mind, it's a journey for yourself" While the album is predominantly acoustic guitar, Reeve does enhance his compositions through the use of effects and echoes and on a couple of tracks is accompanied by Matt Finstrom on tabla and Phil Stevens on violin and viola. In particular give special listening attention to "Tickle." "Sneaky," "First Journey," "Celtic Cross" and "Shasta." Despite the fact that we just had a holiday. a vacation is always welcome...take your journey with Don Reeve.

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