One quickly becomes absorbed in this passionate guitar music, which moves with inspiration and vigor. A few cuts are quite long, and welcome that way, all the better to get wrapped in this rapture of energetic outpouring. Reeve's background, including east Indian music, Caribbean reggae, and more mainstream Top 40's, has yielded a unique and rich style that defies comparison and challenges description. The sureness with which he moves on his guitar indicates an absolute oneness between artist and instrument. Especially knowing that all guitar tracks are one take, with no overdubs, one is astonished at the agility of Reeve's fingers and concepts. Compositions are sure and cohesive, moving through complex, always lovely phrasings with few pauses.

Rain, for over ten minutes, delights and lulls with sweet and provocative notes overlaying the light, quick drumming rhythm The pace slows with the pensive Voyager. First Journey has an upbeat tempo with violin and tabla accompaniment for an energetic fresh note. Black Diamond sparkles with delicately skittering fingerwork. Celtic Cross is a lively bluegrass-tinted treat. Open Road has more conventional guitar work, still flavored with Reeve's special East Indian touch. Roses is a subtle work with multiple echoing retreats yielding to a fiery passion of wild spirit, then recycling.

This is special music, unique in the artist's passion for fast precision fingering, and the tendency toward the grounded East Indian flavored background drone, created in unique ways on the guitar. Recommended.

OTHER TITLES: Sneaky, Spirit Wild, Shasta

TECH NOTES: Prof pkg. Excellent recording, all instrumental. All solo acoustic guitar with two cuts Including violins, viola and tablas. 1991, Approx 54 mins. CD, CASS

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