Don Reeve has gone so far in so many musical directions that he defies easy categorization. His career is a collage of different influences and styles of music

Perhaps the most consistent thread through it all, though, is the solo acoustic guitar. From his first paid gig in 1979 to the upcoming release of his latest album, "Spirit Wild," the guitar has been the main outlet for Reeve's creativity and composition skills

In the beginning, Reeve concentrated on acoustic guitarists such as John Fahey and Bob Hadley. Some music courses at Pima Community College introduced him to other Tucson musicians and other forms of music, and he started playing in bands, including some hotel gigs in Top 40 bands.

Reeve's horizons expanded in all directions, including music. "That was the first place I heard east Indian music. That's when I bought my first Sitar and my first bamboo flute." Indian music was to take a hold on Reeve's imagination.

The wheel of fate turned and introduced Reeve to Matt Finstrom, another Tucson musician exploring Indian music. Reeve says, "Matt was in the same boat. When we first met it was like an explosion. I remember camping out at his house for days. We formed Sruti at that time."

Sruti, an Indian music ensemble, has been a fixture in Tucson ever since. The band, consisting primarily of Reeve, Finstrom and Holly Brauer (now Finstrom's wife), recorded an albumin 1986, after which Reeve again retreated to the hills of California.

In 1983, Reeve also participated in the start-up of reggae band Neon Prophet. He played guitar in the original line-up and contributed original material until leaving in 1986. He continued to compose music and released his first solo guitar album, "Nature's Way," on the local Soundings of the Planet label in 1987.

Reeve has also been associated with Kevin Bowman, a local songwriter and musician who recently released the album "Open Range." Reeve and Bowman go back to high school days at Canyon del Oro, and, along with Phil Stevens of Tucson's Crash Landing label, form the core of the Jones Brothers, a chameleonic association of musicians who play the seasonal resort and convention circuit.

Reeve has an upcoming release, "Spirit Wild, "on the Crash Landing label. It is a collection of Reeve's compositions for guitar, mostly solo but accompanied on two Tracks by tabla and violin.

Until then, Don Reeve will be found on 4thAvenue performing during the Downtown Saturday Night events. In addition he will be in two concerts at the Theatre in Prescott on September27 and 28 and at WomanKraft in downtown Tucson on October 4.

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