Mandala is an ever-changing group of musicians who have been playing together for a while (we don't know how long, exactly). At the root of Mandala's sound is didgeridoo master and craftsman Allan Shockley. Guitarist Don Reeve after being a frequent performer at Allan Shockley's Dreamtime Didgeridoo Parties. At that time the linup consisted of Allan, Don, Bridgette Sthol, Wave and Karl Moeller. Beth Jonquil joined shortly there after.

It is hard to pin the group's sound to any one genre, as the music is always changing. From psychedelic jams to Celtic ballads to reggae rockers, Mandala weaves a variety of influences into its musical tapestry.

From 1999 to 2001 the group consisted of Allan, Don, Karl and Wave anad they performed numerous times at the Casbah Cafe and produced the first recording "Mandala" (available in the archives). After that the line up changed several times and in 2005 Joss Jaffe (drumer in one of Don's other bands, Sruti) joined. Allan Don and Joss created yet another exciting musical path for mandala. In 2007 Allan and Don teamed up with Winter and Lindsey and performed several times, some of these recordings are available in the archives. It was also at this time that Don met is future wife Erica when she joined the group as a percussionist. Matt Finstrom (also a member of Sruti) joined in 2008 as the drummer.

Don Reeve
Allan Shockley
Matt Finstrom
Joss Jaffe

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