Nature's Way

Don Reeve



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Crash Landing



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Acoustic Guitar solos. Reflective, meandering, cosmic, precise, playful, melodic, driven,traditional and quietly intense, this tape is all that and more, with a maximum of substance and nary a hint of improvisational filler. This recording reflects the depth of Don's various influences and serves as a showcase for his technical proficiency and expertise.

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1. Coming Home 11:12 Epic, with East Indian overtones. Guitar is tuned open D (D A D F# A D) capo at 4th fret
2. Solar Wind 8:50 Bottleneck slide is used to produce some unusual tones. Guitar is tuned D A D G A D
3. Wayfaring Stranger* 6:15 Traditional piece arranged for the Bansuri (bamboo flute)
4. Grasshopper Pie 3:40 Lively jammin with the flat-pick in open D tuning
5. Cascade 6:40 Inspired by the thunder cascades of John Muir Wilderness
6. Nature's Way 7:28 Classical technique applied to 12-string in open D tuning
7. Wild Mountain River 3:28 The Yuba River in gold country of California D A D F A D
8. Amazing Grace* 6:39 Traditional melody performed on Bass Flute made from PVC pipe
9. Sliding 2:29 Bottleneck slide guitar in D G D G B b D
10. I'll get it all together if I try 2:40 Another bottleneck piece in C G C G C E
Title Amazing Grace Notes:
Traditional melody performed on Bass Flute made from PVC pipe
Artist Don Reeve
Album Nature's Way
Recorded 1987
Length 6:39